So you want to farm SUSU ?

How to get started on the Energy Web Chain.

First, understand that Energy Web Token ($EWT) is used on the chain for gas, so you will need some to get going on the DEX.

First make sure you are on the ETH mainnet, and connect your Metamask to the bridge. Input the amount of $EWTB you wish to transfer to EWC Mainnet, and click transfer.
You’ll have to pay a fee to use the bridge.
The transaction will need to be validated and then your native Tokens should appear in your wallet once you toggle back to the EWC mainnet in your Metamask.

How to bridge other assets

We used the POA bridge for the EWTB to EWT token, but if you want to bring other assets to the DEX, you’ll need to use OmniBridge.

*Note that only WETH can be brought over, not ETH. Also USDT is not supported, you can use USDC or DAI.


…is a clone of Uniswap, so if you are used to it, the only thing that might confuse you is the ultra-low fees and the lightning speed transactions.

SUSU Farming

If you want to farm $SUSU, you’ll first need to supply 2 assets in a 50/50 ratio, to one of the pool that is showed in the Catch! page.

The pool shows WEWT (wrapped EWT), but you can provide liquidity with EWT, and it will automatically wrap.
First select the pair you provided liquidity to, and then approve it. You should see your CLP tokens beside Wallet Balance
Click “MAX”, Click “Deposit”, and approve the Metamask transaction.

Happy farming !



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Agent K

Agent K

Crypto enthusiast, interested in disruptive technology. Currently helping EnergyWeb Doge with their goal of making Dogecoin Carbon-Neutral.