Ocean Market Staking Guide Part 2

This is not financial advise. This guide should only be used as a tool to understand the mechanics of staking in the Ocean Market. Please be aware of all risks before investing in any market. Don’t guess with your money.

How to explore datasets

Source: Ocean Market- DataUnion
  • The first thing you should do is read the entire description. There will likely be links to the website of the publisher, a data sample, the vision for the project or dataset, and other important details. The description could also include their pledge to the community or other details about their liquidity withdrawal schedule.
  • Clicking on “Published by -<address of the wallet>”, will link to all projects started with the same wallet on the Ocean Market.
  • Clicking on “Etherscan” right next to it will lead you to the blockchain explorer where you can check the activity of the publisher’s wallet.

The Use tab

This is for the buyer of the data. It show the price in Ocean as well as the equivalent in your selected currency. You can have information about the size of the file if you wish to download. This tab should NOT be used if you plan on investing or trading the data.

Clicking on pool or datatoken will link to the Etherscan address

The Pool tab

At the top, there is the price per Datatoken and just under, links to the Pool and Datatoken addresses on Etherscan.

The Erc-20 tab will show history of the pool transactions.
The Datatoken page will give you informations like the total supply, the number of holders and the contract address so you can add it to your Metamask as a custom token.
There is also a token holders chart where you can see the distribution of the tokens by address.

Pool statistics

You can gather information like how many shares of the pool the Creator has, and how many Datatokens are in the pool compared to the total number that was minted.

The pool statistic graph will give you of general idea of the trend. You can also switch to the price graph, which will show the Datatoken price trend.

Adding liquidity

Clicking on Approve and Supply will prompt 2 Metamask transactions. The first will allow the spending of the Ocean Tokens you entered, and the second transaction will be the contract to supply the Ocean Tokens to the pool.

Withdrawing liquidity in Simple Mode

Withdrawing liquidity in Advanced Mode

Source: Ocen Market — Atlantis

The Trade tab

Should be used if you wish to swap between Ocean Tokens and Datatokens. This means you won’t be a liquidity provider, but you will still pay for swap fees that will be distributed between LPs. Clicking on the pink arrow will flip the direction of the trade. If for example, you have Datatokens in your wallet and you wish to exchange them for Ocean. Swap fees varies between pools. The expected price impact can be adjusted if you wish to bypass the default 5% slippage.



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