How to setup a Neatcoin validator


If you’re reading this guide, you probably already know what Neatcoin is and what it intends to do. As a POS blockchain, the number of validators is intended to grow, and hopefully this guide can help some of you participate in the decentralization of the blockchain.

Setting up the Server

The first step is to subscribe to a Cloud VPS. There are many options to choose from, so I’ll give an example with Hetzner but feel free to shop around for best prices. The system requirements should be;

Setting up the node

You should have received login credentials by email to connect to your server.
Open up Terminal, and type:
ssh root@[YourServerIP]
It will ask if you’re sure your want to connect to the server, you can type yes, and then it will prompt you to enter your current password, and then set your new password.

Connection to your server established

Generate a new key

The next step is to generate a new rotate key. Open a new terminal window and remotely connect to your server like you did previously. Enter this command and save the result

Register your node on Polkadot.JS

Finally, you can register your node. First, you’ll need to create 2 accounts on Neat blockchain (1 controller, and 1 stash account).
*Remember to save the seeds and password securely, and avoid screenshots.

******Note that you’ll need to fund both accounts with Neatcoins*******



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